New Challenger Reina Unveiled for Tekken 8

Bandai Namco has revealed the latest new fighter for their hotly anticipated fighting game sequel Tekken 8: the young female brawler Reina.

Nicknamed “Purple Lightning,” Reina is a student of the franchise’s infamous villain Heihachi Mishima, and rumors persist that she may even be his daughter.

Reina’s appearance was first teased in August at EVO 2023, along with newcomers Victor and Azucena.

True to her nickname, Reina’s fast attacks land with some heft, combining lightning speed with earth shaking thunder. Reina uses an acrobatic fighting style inspired by Taido. The nimble woman is a master of a special movement called “Sentai” which she uses to get in close to her opponent and unleash devastating rushes. Reina also is proficient in techniques such as Wind God Fist, Spinning Demon, and Heaven’s Wrath, all once used by Heihachi. Lastly, due to her fierce speed, she is especially deadly near walls, and is stated by the game’s director to be among the most potent of the entire roster in using walls against her enemy.

Tekken 8 is set to arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Windows PC on January 26, 2024. The game promises to feature a new “Heat” gauge system, rewarding aggressiveness rather than defense or “patient play.” In addition, there will be stage destruction, character reactions during battle, a new “juggle combo extender system,” regenerable health bars, and an avatar-based mode called “Arcade Quest.”

Are you looking forward to duking it out in Tekken 8? What are your thoughts on other newly released fighting titles like Mortal Kombat 1 and Street Fighter VI? Let us know in the comments below, and follow us on our social media pages!

Source: Bandai Namco, PlayStation Blog

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