PS5 Becomes the Fastest Selling Console in US History

The PlayStation 5 became the fastest selling console in US history in terms of total dollars, according to a report from The record, which tracks the total dollars over a four month period, did not mean that the PS5 knocked off the Nintendo Switch in terms of individual monthly sales, but suggests that might soon be the case. The Switch once again sold the most individual units and brought in the most dollars for the month of February.

One possible explanation for the high sales figures is the price of the PlayStation 5 console, which sells from $399.99 USD (Digital Edition) to $499.99 (Standard), whereas the Nintendo Switch sells at $299.99 USD.

It will be worth watching to see if the PS5 can finally overtake the Switch once the production and supply issues are resolved, and Sony produces more games for the powerful console.

Tell us what you think! Is this sales record worth noting or is the high price of the PlayStation 5 the main reason for the successful numbers? Share your reactions in the comments below.


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