Island Tour Now Available for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Nintendo has launched an Island Tour feature for the popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons game on Switch. The new option is part of the One Year Anniversary update that includes plenty of new content.

To access the Island Tour Creator, players must visit with their smartphone device; currently, the Creator will not work on a desktop.

Upon visiting the website, players will be able to create either a poster or trailer to showcase their island home in the New Horizons game.

An example of an Island Tour poster provided by Nintendo.

With posters, players will be able to upload a single in-game screenshot and edit it with 9 decorative frames, which will include your island name and dream address.

Trailers offer a more advanced option for those feeling creative, allowing users to mix screenshots and video clips into an entertaining and informative 1 minute long trailer for others to view. Creators will do this by selecting up to three available themes (such as Museum, Fashion, and Home), along with three screenshots or video clips supporting each theme.

More information and instructions are available on the official Island Tour website.

Are you excited to utilize this feature? Will you be creating a poster or trailer? If you create either, please share it in the comments below, we’d love to see your wonderful island paradises!

Source: Animal Crossing World
Source for pictures: Nintendo

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