7 Things In New Leaf That Aren’t In New Horizons

With the 2.0 update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons being the last, there are still a few things that could be added to fix quality of life issues or restore certain aesthetics found in previous titles. Taking a look back at Animal Crossing: New Leaf, here are 7 things that don’t make an appearance in the Nintendo Switch title.

Find Designs on Stumps

Other than acting as seats, stumps from trees that you cut down had a chance of appearing with a variety of designs. Here you can see a Triforce, but there were also designs that featured a heart, a ginkgo leaf, an X, the cross-section of citrus fruit, a butterfly, a cat head, the Animal Crossing logo, a clover, a star, a five-petal flower, and a music note.

Rent Out Exhibits at the Museum

Before she visited your islands to observe the stars and hand you recipes, Celeste was working with Blathers in the museum to offer rooms that you could rent out to make your own exhibits! These rooms were just a plain square space, but you were able to display whatever you wanted.

Toy Hammer

While New Horizons has a bunch of items your character can hold, the toy hammer has been seemingly left out for some reason. This item could be used to bonk your friends or neighbors on their heads. It was also used in a mini-game you could play on Tortimer Island!

Tortimer Island

Speaking of Tortimer Island, this place had so much to offer in New Leaf. This island was perpetually stuck in a state of summer, so it was the place to go to fill your pockets up with beetles and sharks to rack up bells. After arriving on the island with the help of Kapp’n, you’ll find yourself in a familiar place if you frequently play Super Smash Bros. as this area was featured as a stage. This island is run by Kapp’n’s family acting as a storefront and a mini-game area that was compatible with online play.

Tropical Fruit

The 2.0 update of New Horizons brought us crops, but it also would have been nice to see the tropical fruit make a return. In addition to the apples, cherries, coconuts, oranges, peaches, and pears, there were also bananas, durians, lemons, mangoes, lychee, and persimmons!

Nintendo Items

The Super Mario items saw a return in New Horizons, but there were also items related to F-Zero, Metroid, Pikmin, Splatoon, Star Fox, and Zelda in New Leaf that are missing from New Horizons. Hopefully, Nintendo will add these in an extra surprise update!


If your villagers are like mine, they go mysteriously missing whenever I need them. In New Leaf, there was a megaphone item that you could use to locate your villagers. This item was used by saying the name of the villager you were trying to find in the 3DS microphone. While a microphone is not a part of the Nintendo Switch hardware, this functionality could have been utilized by typing the name of a villager in the chatbox or even showing where they are on the map itself.

Do you wish Animal Crossing: New Horizons included the things discussed in this list or do you have something else that didn’t make an appearance? Let us know in the comments or continue the conversation in our Discord!

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