Shocking New Horizons: Have Animal Crossing Residents Gone Wild?

Animal Crossing is a comforting and fun type of game genre that is loved by many. The most recent in the series Animal Crossing: New Horizons is no exception to this and is already the best selling in the series nearing 35 million copies sold. To put it into perspective, the next best-selling title, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, is just shy of 13 million sold. Clearly, it is doing well on the Nintendo Switch, but what would happen if the game switched its “E” for everyone rating to “M” for Mature?

The reason I even thought about this notion is that in the DLC Happy Home Paradise released in November, has been seeing a strange glitch. Clothes completely ghosting the bodies of unsuspecting animals, just trying to live their best life. Who knows maybe this is them trying to live their best life in this Nintendo paradise version of an animal nudist colony?

This did get me thinking though, what mature things could be put in a game like this? Perhaps bartender Brewster is adding Kahlua to the cups of jo? Blathers hanging up questionable, paradise homes, glitch art in the museum. Could we now have a better understanding on the real reason that Gulliver washes up on the shore? We may need to hire Cooper and Booker to run a sobriety test. They should also investigate Tom Nook, where is all the bells being traffic too? The thoughts that have occurred in my head for what Nintendo could do in a game like this with a mature rating is best left in my head, but could something like this even happen?

When it comes down to if Nintendo could incorporate a change like this, would they? It’s possible but highly unlikely in any scenario. This is one of Nintendo’s biggest IPs for all ages and they would not want to tamper with that. I couldn’t fathom the thought of not being able to have my child participate in this game, so I’m glad we have what is in front of us. Glitches and full-frontal streaking aside, I’m happy that Animal Crossing is available for all ages.

What are your thoughts on the glitch and the thought of having an “M” rated Animal Crossing?  What other Nintendo IPs could you see having a Mature label added to it? This is quite the head scratcher.

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