Animal Crossing: New Horizons Revived These Villagers

With the details of the 2.0 update of Animal Crossing: New Horizons out, a closer inspection has revealed that Nintendo brought back eight villagers that have not been seen since the GameCube iteration. We have compiled references to show you comparisons of what they looked like back then and how they are represented now.

Species: Bird
Personality: Jock
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 11
Catchphrase: “ace”

Species: Rhinoceros
Personality: Snooty
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 18
Catchphrase: “メルシィ”

Species: Penguin
Personality: Lazy
Gender: Male
Birthday: December 24
Catchphrase: “ブツブツ

Species: Koala
Personality: Normal
Gender: Female
Birthday: March 21
Catchphrase: “aloha”

Species: Dog
Personality: Cranky
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 30
Catchphrase: “ったく

Species: Ostrich
Personality: Peppy
Gender: Female
Birthday: September 10
Catchphrase: “li’l chick”

Species: Alligator
Personality: Lazy
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 2
Catchphrase: “パヨマケ

Species: Anteater
Personality: Normal
Gender: Female
Birthday: February 10
Catchphrase: “whiifff”

Series 5 of the Animal Crossing amiibo cards has been confirmed to feature 48 cards. Only 33 cards were shown off in the recent Animal Crossing: New Horizons direct, so it may be possible that even more villagers that have been cut could make a return! Could we see the Nintendo-themed characters that were added in New Leaf make a return like Ganon, Wolf Link, and Inkwell?

Tell us what you think! Are you excited for these characters to return? Let us know down in the comments or continue the discussion in our Discord!

Source: Nookipedia

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