Boss Rush Banter: Which Major Gaming Company Has The Best IP Games?

Ever since I was kid, I have loved video games. I have talked about my gaming history and where I started from many times on blogs and podcast episodes. Even as a host and co-host on multiple podcasts around the world, I always come to the one company that has been my foundation in gaming: Nintendo. With new players coming into different eras in video games, I was there when my favorite company had games in arcades and soon created their own home console. There isn’t a shadow of a doubt that Nintendo has the best IPs when it comes to video games.

Super Mario Bros. 1 and The Lost Levels get official Japanese websites

Super Mario Bros. revolutionized platform gaming and made it profitable. People still to this day reference the game and write papers on it. Following this up is The Legend of Zelda. The fan base and communities of this action/adventure role-playing game have helped people to design dungeons, puzzles, create classical music, and more. Then there is Metroid. Who knew Metroid would inspire the indie world and other third parties to form a genre of its own known as “metroidvania”?

Fire Emblem, which has its ups and downs, turned the RPG strategy world into a popular genre. From its perma-death difficulty to its moving stories and characters, the series’ journey has been one for the books. We also have Mario Kart, which took the arcade racing formula and made it one the highest quality games that many imitate but none can beat. Anybody remember Blur and its attempt to dethrone Mario Kart and make fun of it?

Pokemon is an iconic franchise itself with the millions it sells but also the plushies and movies. You can enjoy the full experience on Nintendo’s platforms only. Super Smash Bros. brings all Nintendo’s franchises together for a great and suspenseful beat down across the screen.

We can’t deny some of Nintendo’s one-off games like Eternal Darkness, Geist, and Codename S.T.E.A.M., let alone titles like F-Zero, Advance Wars, and Starfox.

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What other company has these gems that inspire others to get into gaming or even make fan versions of them? Yes, the cease and desist orders flow like water on the ground, but that’s how Nintendo sprinklers work when it comes to controlling and protecting these historic IPs.

With just the well-known franchises I mentioned, who has the popularity, recognition, fandom, inspiration, and high quality that stands the test of time? Only Nintendo. Sure, Sony, Microsoft, and others make excellent IPs, but Nintendo is the company that has influenced many–you can see it in their work. So, I salute Nintendo and will always side with them on having the best IP games.

Do you agree that Nintendo has the best games of any major company? Let us know in the comment section or at the Boss Rush Games Discord.

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