Hitman Developer Dreams Big and Opens a Studio in Barcelona

IO Interactive is expanding! On April 16th, they announced the opening of a new studio in Barcelona. For those who are unfamiliar, IOI is a Danish game developer originally based in Copenhagen. They are famously known for the Kane and Lynch and Hitman franchises. They were acquired by Square Enix in March 2004 but has since become independent after a buyout in June 2017. Luckily, they’ll continue to own the Hitman IP.

What makes this new studio opening so exciting is that they’ll be working on IOI’s current projects: more Hitman, Project 007 (Yes, a Bond game), and an unannounced new IP. IOI hopes the Barcelona location will draw in talent for the company, although multiple job listings can be found in all three of their locations.

Hitman 2

Given the studio’s success with Hitman, including the latest iteration–Hitman 3--released in January 2021, it’ll be exciting to see how they utilize their Glacier technology for Project 007 and the new IP. Keep in mind, the last true 007 console game was 007 Legends by Activision, released in 2012 (not counting the DLC for Forza Horizon 4).

Tell us what you think! Are you excited about the prospects of a new 007 game? What are you hoping for from IOI Interactive? Share your reactions in the comments below or head over to our Discord to join the discussion.

Sources: IGN, IO Interactive, Fandom

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