Tweet Suggests Battlefield 6 Could be Coming in June

A tweet from Battlefield’s official Twitter page seems to tease that the newest game from EA DICE will be revealed in the coming month.

The tweet reads: “Words that rhyme with Soon: June. Boom.”

June seems a very likely time for a reveal to come, as it is also the month of the extremely popular Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). As Battlefield games have historically been released in the fall, a reveal in early June would be a perfect time to start drumming up hype.

Information about the new game in the long running war franchise began coming out earlier this year, fueling excitement. In February, EA CEO Andrew Wilson declared that the next Battlefield game would take full advantage of the hardware in the PS5 and Xbox Series X systems.

Then, in April, DICE general manager Oskar Gabrielson stated that they had assembled the biggest team in series history to work on Battlefield 6, and that a reveal would be coming “soon.”

The Battlefield series has been a critical and commercial success since its inception in 2002, and has seen the release of a new game each year, the last being Battlefield V in 2018. This game saw some of the weakest sales in the franchise, with it selling fewer than half the physical copies as the previous entry, Battlefield 1, did in the same time period. After this poor performance, it became understood that EA DICE would be taking a break from the series to refocus and deliver a better product.

When the next Battlefield game inevitably comes, what do you want to see most out of it? Do you play the games solely for the multiplayer aspect, or are you a fan of the single player campaigns as well? We’d love to know!

Source: Battlefield Twitter

Image: Blogspot

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