Metal Slug Tactics Announced for PC

Metal Slug Tactics was announced during today’s Summer Game Fest presentation, promising to transform the classic arcade run ‘n gun into a turn-based strategy game.

The first reveal trailer shows players controlling Metal Slug protagonists such as Marco, Eri, Fio, and Tarma on grid-based battlegrounds, gunning down soldiers, blasting away tanks, and more over-the-top action the franchise is known for. You can view the complete trailer below.

The game also sports RPG elements such as upgrading weapons and leveling up your squad via a skill tree populated with unique perks.

Developed by Dotemu, the game promises to provide unpredictable levels, allowing battles to flow more naturally than how most other games in the genre do. The developer admitted that they want players to achieve victory through skill rather than memorizing enemy placement or movements.

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Dotemu also states that the game will include some “roguelite sensibilities,” translating to highly replayable missions based around a crushing difficulty.

The original Metal Slug released in arcades in 1996 and was developed by SNK. The series traditionally has fast and frantic 2D gameplay reminiscent of the Contra franchise, and places gamers in the midst of a fantastical modern war setting, where they’ll not only be going up against tanks and gunners, but also zombies, yetis, and giant crabs.

It will interesting for sure to see how this classic franchise will translate as a turn-based strategy game, but if Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle proves anything it’s that stranger things have happened.

No release date has been given, but Metal Slug Tactics has been confirmed for a PC release via Steam.

How well do you think the Metal Slug franchise will translate as a turn-based strategy game? Are there any other franchises you’d like to see get the strategy treatment? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Source: Dotemu, Game Informer

Source for Images: Gaming Bolt

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