Unplugged VR: Air Guitar Hero

You play the air guitar better than anyone you know, don’t you? Well, now’s the time to own up to that title. Strap on your Oculus Quest 2 and be prepared to rock in Unplugged!

Fully powered by hand-tracking technology, you don’t need plastic guitars or any other peripherals to rock out, just your hands as you strum along to the song as notes fly through the screen.

The lead producer of the game, Marcus Henderson, previously worked on Guitar Hero as the lead guitarist, so he brings a wealth of knowledge to developer Anotherway. In the game you will be able to customize the guitars and amps you use, as well as engaging in mini games, choosing the ability to play on a stage and hype up the crowd. Don’t mess up!

So far The Offspring is the only band confirmed for the game, but rest assured that there is more on the list!

We have bands in the soundtrack that we’ve always loved, like The Offspring.

Ricardo Acosta

Look forward to rocking like a hurricane when the game releases this fall. Just make sure your playspace is clear of anything you may run into!

You ready to rock? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Oculus

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