Boss Rush Banter: Which Retro Console is the Best?

Out with the new, in with the old, or the old is always better than the new. These are the words we’ve always heard from adults when we were children. To them nothing could beat the crisp sound of a Vinyl player, or the ease of recording a movie on VHS. We always said we would never be like that; we always knew that “new” was better, and always would be. That would be all well and true, but now everyone wants the old stuff, whether it is for looks, or to relive the good times for the sake of nostalgia.  

With the resurgence of everything old being new, it begs the ultimate question, which retro console is best? Is it the Magnavox Odyssey? Which was the first ever console created, or as the internet tells me at least. Or is it something more mainstream like the Nintendo Entertainment System/ SEGA Master System? Or even something more modern like the PlayStation 3/ Xbox 360? 

Magnavox Odyssey

All valid options when it comes to great consoles, except Magnavox Odyssey, as I still have no idea what it is, but maybe others do and can tell me how great this system was. Either way, we all know there is only one true winner, and that is the Super Nintendo, which is one of the greatest gaming systems of all time. 

The Super Nintendo was released almost 30 years ago, this console was the much anticipated successor of the Nintendo Entertainment System. The system was Nintendo’s answer to the new player at the time, SEGA. At the time Nintendo was still doing 8-bit games when SEGA came along with a more powerful system sporting the new 16-bit graphics. It didn’t take long for Nintendo to then release the new and improved Nintendo system which they penned as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back then. 

The Super Nintendo excelled as a console because it introduced so many great gaming franchises that we all play and love today. Well known classic series such as Final Fantasy, the Street Fighter, and the Dragon Quest all started to gain ground as heavy hitters in the gaming industry on Super Nintendo. That doesn’t even include Nintendo’s flagship titles, especially one that had it’s first installment on Super Nintendo, this game is none other than Mario Kart, which is still selling millions of copies today. 

The Super Nintendo was also one of the first consoles that really got me into gaming, and created my love for most Nintendo properties, but it is also where my love for RPGs began. If it wasn’t for the Super Nintendo, I may have never been a gamer, and I believe this may be the truth for most gamers that began around my age. 

What are some of your favorite Retro consoles? Let us know in the comments below or on our Discord!  

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