Breaking News: Nintendo Switch OLED model drops 10/08/2021

As the dust settles from E3, and in typical Nintendo fashion, a major announcement dropped on Nintendo of America’s Twitter account: a brand-new OLED model for the Switch will be released in October!

The 2:37 minute trailer features a sleek black and white Nintendo Switch, and people playing highly anticipated games such as Metroid Dread, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel, and much more. Here is what the trailer officially tells us:

  • 7-inch OLED screen
  • Wide adjustable stand
  • Enhanced audio
  • Wired LAN port
  • Available 10/08/2021
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The October 8th release date aligns with Metroid Dread. Check out the trailer if you haven’t done so already.

Boss Rush Games is here to keep you in the know with breaking news. What do you think of this shadow drop? Some fans are disappointed, while others are losing their minds. Which camp do you fall under? Let us know in our Boss Rush Discord channel.

Source: Nintendo

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