ICYMI: July 2021 State of Play

E3 may be over but the announcements for new and exciting games haven’t stopped. Sony’s State of Play revealed some new titles, updates to games that are in development, and focused on the timed exclusive title, Death Loop. Let’s see what greatness awaits.

Sony kicked off with details on the only PSVR game in the show. Moss: Book II is a 3D action adventure sequel to 2018’s Moss. The beloved mouse ventures through a dangerous castle in hopes to save the world from the ruthless Arcane. During your adventure, you guide Quill in collecting new weapons, battling monsters, solving puzzles, and fighting mysterious bosses. With no date given, Moss: Book II seems to be the leading next-generation PSVR game. Watch the trailer to see the world of Moss: Book II.

Next, the team at Illfonic debuted their newest IP, Arcadegeddon. With a NYC drum-heavy hip hop instrumental bringing the head nod vibe to the trailer, Arcadegeddon is a 3rd person arena shooter where you must save a beloved arcade. You’ll complete challenges, earn street cred, collect sweet loot, fight enemies in horde mode, conquer ever-changing stages in unique biomes, and more. You can play solo or 4 player co-op and also battle in PVP for major loot. Oh, yeah. If you own a PlayStation 5, you can play the early access version today with the full game expected to release next year. Check out the trailer to see it in action.

Tribes Of Midgard, which was shown last month from the Gearbox showcase, will arrive on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on July 27th. Check out the trailer to hear what they have planned for the game and how it will expand the world with Season 1: The Wolf Saga.

The 2D action platformer, F.I.S.T: Forged In Shadow Torch, showed more gameplay and story. With a September 7th release date for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, check out the trailer for some amazing fighting action.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is an action melee game where you customize your character and battle a variety of enemies and other players in the world. Hunter’s Arena: Legends will release next month for PlayStation 4 and 5. PlayStation Plus users will be able to download it for free from August 3rd to September 6th.

An update to Sifu was presented in a teaser trailer, filled with more game play footage of fighting enemies. With the premise of dying and returning as a stronger but older version of yourself, Sifu seems to have the death cycle idea as its main selling point. There is a catch. Once you do get to a certain age and die, you’ll have to restart the game from the beginning. Sifu is planned for an early 2022–check out the trailer below:

Jet: The Far Shore is an exploration game where you play as May. You’ll fly around an oceanic world in hopes that it could be the next home for humanity. Watch the trailer to see Jet: The Far Shore, coming in 2021.

The current popular anime Kimetsu No Yaiba Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles comes from Sega. In this anime based arena fighter, you’ll play various characters who’ll duel one-on-one with other demons from the series. Check out the trailer for this adventurous title coming October 15th for PlayStation 4 and 5.

Lost Judgement gameplay was finally revealed. The sequel to the 2019 Yakuza spin off, simply titled, Judgement, has private detective Takayuki Yagami solving another murder case that will take you through some twist and turns. Can you catch the culprit? Find out in Lost Judgement, coming September 24th to PlayStation 4 and 5. Watch the trailer for more details.

They revealed more info on Death Stranding Director’s Cut that adds more than just story missions. Check out the trailer for everything that will be included in this version for PlayStation 5. It will release on September 24th along with Lost Judgement.

Last but not least, they showed a 9-minute gameplay session for Death Loop. They discussed the premise of the game and your ultimate goal to survive the loop you are stuck in. Watch the trailer for the timed exclusive Death Loop that releases September 14th.

This State of Play delivered 11 games on Sony’s platform that will arrive this fall and in 2022. Presenting both indie and third party titles, the showcase supplied a variety of games to the community. Though there weren’t any God of War and Horizon: Forbidden West news, the State of Play provided strong titles and key updates. You can watch the full broadcast below.

To hear some initial thoughts about the show, check out this special episode of Crossroads. Hosted by Leron and Austin, with special guest from Tower Casual, Josh, and Nintendo Pow Block host, Ed.

Did you enjoy the latest State of Play? Were there any titles that interest you? Let us know in the comments section or on our Discord.

Source: Sony

Image Source: Sony

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