Boss Rush Banter: Is 35 Years Really a Significant Milestone for the Zelda Franchise–or Any Other Franchise?

We all have our favorite series, and mine, like a lot of others I know, really love The Legend of Zelda. This year will mark 35 years of Zelda lore and legacy, and in knowing this, we all have secretly expected a celebration from Nintendo, but is this year significant enough to expect the series to receive every promotion under the blood moon?

Last year, we saw Nintendo celebrate Mario with games, handhelds, clothes, and even Lego sets for the franchises’ 35th anniversary, and in seeing this, we expected that the Zelda franchise would also receive this treatment. But have our expectations of seeing Nintendo go all out for their main mascot, Mario, convoluted our wants and needs of this year’s milestone for the Zelda series?

So far this year we have seen the release of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, DLC for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, a beautiful looking loftwing Amiibo, and a new set of gorgeous looking joy-cons. We also know we are getting a Game & Watch handheld with 3 full Zelda games and mini game later this year, but is that it? I know the Zelda fan in me is screaming for more, but so far this seems to be a significant amount of Zelda-related content.

I’m 35 years of age, and at no point during my birthday or at any other point this year have I thought, I really need to celebrate and go all out for it. It is significant that I’ve reached this age, of course, but when I think of anniversary celebrations, I think of 5, 10, 25, 30, 40 etc. as celebratory-type years. Maybe this is just me, but I fully think that fans fuel the flames of anticipation and determine in their minds what Nintendo must do to make it a top tier anniversary. This is fine, but know that by doing so, the bar will remain too high for anyone to reach.

I hope and dream we will get all sorts of Zelda-related announcements from Nintendo, but knowing 35 is an odd type of anniversary, I’m not going to be disappointed if what we have seen already is all that we will receive.

Do you think the Zelda series deserves more for its 35th anniversary, or do you think it has been the right amount? Was there a Mario 35 year anniversary item you wanted to see for the Zelda franchise? Have you enjoyed what we have received thus far?  

Share your reactions below or join the conversation on the Boss Rush Discord.    

Featured Image Source: Zelda Universe

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