Boss Rush Banter: Which Metroid Game is Best to Introduce Potential Fans to the Series?

With Metroid: Dread set to release October 8, the 35-year-old franchise has been getting plenty of attention from Nintendo. Long-time fans have likely been shocked to see the video game giant tweeting regularly, running television ads, and even providing in-depth gameplay previews for the the latest installment in a series many thought dead. Consequently, many gamers are considering the Metroid franchise for the first time. To veterans of the series, I’d like to ask, Which Metroid game is best to introduce new fans to the franchise?

I’ve been a Nintendo fan since the 1980s; while I tried on multiple occasions to get into the Metroid franchise, it never really captured my attention. Playing the original, exploring Metroid II on the Game Boy, and even grappling with Super Metroid, I could never quite figure out what I was supposed to do. (Admittedly, I was young and hadn’t spent enough time with the games). I typically just gave up and went back to my favorite Zelda games.

As an adult, I’ve heard the call to adventure once more; this time–in preparation for Metroid: Dread–I’ve taken a deep dive into Metroid: Samus Returns on the Nintendo 3DS. I’m not sure if it’s because the tutorial system is much better, the game is more intuitive, or I’m simply older now and can better understand games after a lifetime of play, but I’m absolutely hooked. I can’t get enough of Metroid.

Perhaps my journey into the series is atypical; it could also be the path most newbies take–I simply don’t know enough about the franchise and fan base yet to know. So for you veterans out there, which is the best Metroid game to introduce potential fans to the franchise?

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