Cinematic Trailer Features Lady Hellbender in Upcoming Guardians of The Galaxy Game

Eidos Montreal and Square Enix released additional footage for the October release of Marvel’s Guardian’s of the Galaxy. This cinematic trailer shows off monster collector Lady Hellbender as she meets Star Lord and his gang. Of course, witty banter and humor ensue. The developer was keen on capturing this fan-favorite character from the comic series in this clip, and although it didn’t contain additional gameplay footage, the stunning visuals boast high-quality cinematics.

Check out Lady Hellbender here:

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy was initially announced at E3 2021. It’s slated for release on PS4 / PS5, PC, and X Box Series X and Series S for October 26, 2021 (Switch to get cloud version only). Check out Boss Rush’s coverage here. More of an audio person? You can listen in on this podcast clip where the Boss Rush team discusses some highly anticipated games from E3 such as Guardians.

What do you think of the cinematic quality and presentation of Lady Hellbender? Let us know in our friendly Boss Rush Discord channel!

Sources: Eidos Montreal, Gamespot

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