New Character Revealed for the Super Mario Movie

Today during a recent interview, comedian Sebastian Maniscalco made a surprising reveal that he will voice a character named “Spike” in the upcoming Super Mario movie. He didn’t reveal anymore details as this is the first real tidbit of information given since the announcement of the film back in 2018.

As this news was made, many have speculated that it could be Spike Foreman from the game Wrecking Crew. Oddly enough, in the live action Super Mario Bros. film, there was a character named Spike; Could he be making a return or possibly an altogether original character? Only time will tell; details about this planned movie have been close to non-existent.

As Maniscalo possesses a heavy Italian-American accent, one would think that he may be the voice of Mario and possibly Luigi. Maybe they are working out plans to keep the original voice actor Charles Martinet to play the iconic brothers? Either way, this is big news!

How do you feel about all of this? Are you excited about funny man Sebastian Maniscalco being part of the upcoming movie? Let us know down at the comments below and don’t forget to join our Discord where we discuss all things gaming!

Source: Bert Kreischer

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