Boss Rush Banter: What is Your Favorite Power Suit Upgrade in Metroid?

With Metroid: Dread releasing soon, many are experiencing the iconic franchise for the first time. While there are some differences between the 2-D and 3-D games, many of the upgrades to Samus’ power suit, weapons, and abilities are series mainstays. It’s likely many of the traditional upgrades from the 2-D games will be in Metroid: Dread, along with the possibility of a few surprises; so for today’s Boss Rush Banter, we thought we’d ask you: What is your favorite Power Suit upgrade in Metroid?

In terms of suit upgrades, some of the classics are the Varia Suit and the Gravity Suit. The Varia Suit allows Samus to enter areas with extreme heat, while reducing damage. Typically awarded early in the game, it allows players to explore previously difficult areas and to access important upgrades. The Gravity Suit allows Samus to explore submerged areas without the typical resistance cause by liquid substances and also allows her to dive into magma without damage. Also, it’s arguably one of the best looking suits in the franchise.

In terms of equipment upgrades, the Grapple Beam has to be one of the most unique and enjoyable upgrades to use. Functioning like the Whip or Hookshot in The Legend of Zelda, the Grapple Beam allows Samus to latch onto blocks in hard to reach areas and swing from ledge to ledge or to launch herself out of a deep pit. The Grapple Beam definitely should be included in the “Samus is a Bad Ass Starter Kit.”

Samus uses the Spider Ball in Metroid: Samus Returns

Another highly useful upgrade is the Spider Ball, a unique adaptation of the Morph Ball. The Spider Ball allows players to guide Samus over huge chasms or along the ceiling of tight and dangerous spaces. Her Morph Ball sticks to any surface it touches, allowing clever players to gain access to upgrades that might otherwise be out of reach until much later in the game.

Finally, in terms of weapon upgrades, the Power Bomb (sometimes called the Super Bomb) is a fantastic upgrade. Released from the Morph Ball, the Power Bomb causes a massive explosion that not only takes out all enemies in proximity, it also exposes any hidden blocks that are capable of granting passage. It’s a weapon of both offensive and exploratory capabilities. Perhaps its most exceptional use is the Power Bomb jump, which launches Samus like a cannon ball across a wide area if released correctly. In many instances, it’s the only way of gaining access to certain Aeion Tanks and Energy Tanks.

Obtaining upgrades to Samus’ Power Suit and abilities is one of the features that makes playing Metroid games so much fun. There’s no set pattern for how players must obtain these items or abilities, which let’s players forge their own path through the games and grants a kind of freedom rarely offered in today’s games. Clever players, particularly those committed to speed runs, often find ways of gaining access to these upgrades much earlier than necessary, and in so doing, finish the game in record time.

Tell us what you think! What is your favorite Power Suit upgrade in Metroid? Share your reactions in the comments below or join the conversation on Boss Rush Discord.

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