Deathloop For PC: DualSense Controller and NVIDIA Reflex Supported, No Crossplay

Deathloop releases tomorrow and is already raking in some top scores with early access reviewers, but gamers on PC are in for some real treats with the next release from Arkane Studios.

On PC, one of the biggest features for Deathloop will be the support of the DualSense — PlayStation 5’s all-star controller. Confirmed for Deathloop on PC will be the signature haptic feedback and adaptive triggers which will provide a greater level of immersion as players tackle the game. Unfortunately, the controller’s speaker will not work on the PC version of the game since it only works (currently) natively in PlayStation 5 games.

Deathloop on PC will also be the first Arkane title to support HDR displays and will have ray-traced support for shadows, ambient occlusion options like FidelityFX CACAO (for AMD processors), and NVIDIA HBAO+.

The biggest news of all is the inclusion of NVIDIA Reflex. Multiplayer games like Overwatch, Valorant, Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Rainbow Six: Seige all benefit from Reflex. When used in competitive online games, NVIDIA Reflex works by combining both GPU and game optimizations that measure and reduce system latency in competitive games (a.k.a. click-to-display latency) allowing for the best responsiveness to a user’s mouse and keyboard inputs thus enabling players to acquire enemies faster and take shots with greater precision. While Deathloop isn’t an online-focused game, it features an optional 1v1 PvP multiplayer where players may have their session invaded by a human-controlled version of Julianna.

NVIDIA Reflex is a jewel in any game that requires fairly precise controls. The presence of NVIDIA Reflex suggests that DLSS could be added later on, too, as is often the case with these two technologies.

SPOILER ALERT: Get a look at Deathloop playing on PC with max settings including raytracing, NVIDIA Reflex enabled at 4K resolution in the gameplay video below from Wccftech.

Deathloop Gameplay via YouTube WccftechPlays


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