Boss Rush Banter: Three Years Later, How do You Feel About Nintendo Switch Online?

September 18th will be 3 years since the launch of Nintendo Switch Online Service, so let’s take a moment to reflect on the service itself. After the launch of Nintendo Switch, they released the Nintendo Switch Online Service a year later which includes online multiplayer, cloud saving, and voice chat via smart phone app. The service for online membership costs $20 a year, while other consoles online services, such as Xbox’s game pass, and the Playstation Plus, cost much more per month. Nintendo Switch Online also gives the player access to a library of Nintendo, and Super Nintendo games, a couple of games such as Tetris 99 and Pac-Man 99, as well as some promotional offers along with the launching of the Nintendo Switch smart phone app.

The Nintendo’s eshop has tons of indie games to choose from as well. As humble as these services have come to be, I wouldn’t mind a few changes that could truly rival the offerings of Playstation and Xbox, such as special deals on 1st party games, or even just the selection itself that wouldn’t make you miss the Virtual Console from the Wii U. With the selection we have received recently from the SNES and NES titles, it makes you wonder where the titles we really want such as Super Mario RPG, Earthbound, TMNT: Turtles in Time? Of course people will talk about licensing issues, but I’m sure that could quickly be solved, it is Nintendo after all. What about a splash of background music when you enter the eshop too! Remember that Wii Virtual Console music you would hear and hum to? These quality of life changes could bring new joys to fans of Nintendo Switch Online.

Some may say that the Nintendo Online Service offers only a small amount, but are we getting what we pay for with the $20 a year membership? Would you be willing to pay more for a year if it meant more offerings, maybe $39.99 a year to see Super Mario RPG in the service? I know I would! What do you guys think? what changes do you think the service need to make? Let us know down at the comment section below and check out our Discord where we discuss all things gaming.

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