Spiderman Officially Joins the Avengers as DLC

Yes, you read that correctly! Spiderman finally joins the Avengers as part of the final DLC. A surprise trailer surfaced revealing Spiderman himself taking down baddies while getting the aid of his friends, The Avengers, as part of new DLC campaign later this month. Square Enix’s road with the Avengers game might have been a rough one, but it certainly looks like they continuously put out the bangers of DLC to remind players to come back for more. The webslinger was the most requested character in the game, but unfortunately for some, Spiderman seems to only be exclusive to Sony. Meaning, X Box or PC players won’t have access to Spiderman at all. Check out the reveal trailer of Spiderman flexing his skills.

There was no word of what is in store for the content itself, but I am sure we will learn something soon as Marvel Avengers Spiderman: With Great Power comes to the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 on November 30, 2021. Are you excited about Spiderman finally joining The Avengers? Does this make you want to return to the game and check out your friendly neighborhood Spiderman? Let us know down at the comments below and check out our Discord where we discuss all things gaming.

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