Boss Rush Banter: Oh Shiny! What is All the Enthusiasm for Pokémon Color Variants?

Back in 1996 in Japan, Pokémon Red and Green were released and with it 150 Pocket Monsters were introduced. So many different Pokémon and evolutions to catch and train and as players level up their Pokémon, they learn new moves and may also evolve. The cool aspect that I enjoyed from these games is the customization of my Pokémon, whether it be through what moves I chose by leveling or using TM and HM moves I chose. Other ways include as which Pokémon to use in my 6-slot party, down to naming your Pokémon interesting and meaningful nicknames. What made it fun was searching for and customizing my Pokémon pals. So, why is a color variant so earth-shattering to obtain for current players in the series?

Back during generation II, the Pokémon Silver and Gold era, the first canonically shiny Pokémon red Gyrados was introduced. The color variant was caused by a forced evolution of a Magikarp by Team Rocket via radio waves, which caused the evolution to be angry.  This variant created a whole new side to searching for the rarest of Pokémon. It wasn’t until 2017 that shiny variants came to the forefront with Magikarp, allowing people to catch them and evolve. From that point hundreds of Pokémon have been added to the list.

When it comes down to it, gamers love customization. It only seems natural that there are rare color variants, so it continues the longevity of that game. Also it promotes the purchase of DLC in the Pokémon Sword and Shield games because players want the new Pokémon and the shiny versions as well. Of course, Pokémon has added other ways to customize such as items, outfits, and region variations, but color changes are such a small change and with a huge cast of characters in existence players are surly never to run out of ways to have a rare and customized Pocket Monster.

Pokémon coined the phrase, “Gotta catch’em all,” and I see many fans doing exactly that. I am glad though, that in the main games, they do not charge extra for these shiny variants unlike Pokémon Unite, which charges a small fortune for a costume. Though, for me personally, I am not infatuated with collecting the variants, I feel that much more special when I do–though putting in the hard work to find them is a reward for those who are dedicated to customizing, collecting, and showcasing all that is shiny.  Good luck trainer!

What do you enjoy in a Pokémon game? Are you a shiny seeker? What is the rarest or hardest shiny Pokémon that you have obtained?  What is your favorite variant to date? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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