Marvel’s Hawkeye 1.03 “Echoes” Episode Review

Say Uncle

Synopsis: Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) are forced to work together in order to escape captivity by the Track Suit Mafia, led by Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox); Kate tries to teach Clint the importance of having a good brand as a superhero; Clint warns of the dangers and pitfalls of living a life dedicated to helping others; and we learn a little of Maya’s past and her connection to a mysterious man known only as ‘Uncle.’

Breakdown: I take back everything I said last week. What a fantastic episode! Hawkeye really delivered this week, smartly keeping most of the focus on the relationship and dynamic between Clint and Kate. There were so many things that worked in this episode–I enjoyed it so much I was genuinely shocked when the credits rolled because it felt like only 10 minutes had passed.

The introduction of Maya Cox, though it technically happened at the end of the last episode, was handled really well here. Learning a little about her past and her struggles as a young deaf girl navigating a world full of hearing people helped shed a sympathetic light on the character. And while the introduction of a shadow mastermind known only as Uncle wasn’t explored further, we all know who that was. There’s no question, right? All I will say about Uncle is that I have been waiting for this moment since April of 2015, and I can’t believe it is finally here. I won’t even complain that he wasn’t fully revealed in this episode. The implications alone have me absolutely giddy.

There’s a toss up, in my opinion, for the best part of this episode. The first contender is the absolutely thrilling and brilliantly executed action scene of Clint and Kate breaking out of captivity and escaping the Track Suit Mafia. In this scene alone, the MCU finally did what 10 years of movies have been unable to do–this version of Clint Barton is a badass and is an absolute joy to watch. From trick arrows to humor to exciting chase scenes, this sequence is one that might be one of the greatest scenes in a MCU Disney+ show yet. Capped off by the phenomenal use of a Pym arrow. Well done.

The second scene is a much quieter scene (pun intended), but no less powerful. I’m talking of the scene the next day where Clint’s young son calls him and Kate has to help interpret what he is saying because Clint can’t hear him. The acting in this scene is beautifully done, with Renner effortlessly portraying the heartbreak of a father who desperately wants to be there for his family but is trying to keep things light in an effort to not make his son sad. Steinfeld does a fantastic job in this scene as well, looking both uncomfortable that she is witnessing something so personal, and sad and sympathetic for her new friend.

Verdict: I have no idea where this show is going in the second half of the season (only three episodes are left), but after this week’s episode, I cannot wait to see what happens next. The dynamic between Kate and Clint is pitch perfect, the action was fantastic and the quieter, more emotional moments were master classes in acting. Hawkeye may have faltered in it’s second episode, but halfway through season one, it is one of the most compelling things the MCU has created yet.

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