Godfall’s PS Plus Version Contains No Story, Only Endgame Content

One of the games available for PS Plus subscribers this month is a revised version that cuts out the story and puts players right at the endgame.

Titled Godfall: Challenger Edition, this edited variant of the title strips away the game’s campaign, and instead lets players start at max level with a number of skill points to invest in their Valorplate and weapons, as well as access to the endgame modes Lightbringer, Dreamstones, and the Ascended Tower. Co-op for up to three players is also available.

Developer Counterplay Games states on the PlayStation blog that this new game “allows new players to experience the game’s trio of endgame modes, minus the story content of the base game and Fire & Darkness expansions, and grants existing players new exciting features and rewards to enjoy.”

The Challenger Edition can be purchased for $14.99 for non-PS Plus subscribers, and the new title is also available on PC as of today.

PS Plus subscribers are able to “upgrade” to the full game, however currently this means buying the title at full price.

While many may argue that the Challenger Edition trims the fat and gets players straight to the “good stuff,” many are criticizing Sony and Counterplay Games for not making the full game available.

What do you think about this decision? Would you rather play the full game, or do you like the idea of this alternate version for PS Plus subscribers? Let us know your opinion in the comments and on our Discord!

Source: PlayStation Blog

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