Boss Rush Banter: What’s Your Favorite Stealth-Based Game?

The stealth genre runs its own gamut. There are entire franchises that use stealth as their core mechanic, and still others that tap the stealth vein simply to add variety to their gameplay. You can play stealth-based games across all platforms, camera types, and fictional backdrops. Somehow, within all that variety, one stealth game takes top spot in my experience. And on a walk. That game is Mark of Kri.

Mark of Kri captivated me with its highly original mix of sword & sorcery, Western animation, and Native Pacific Islander culture. The core mechanic had you stealthily infiltrating enemy territory as the hero, Rau. However, Mark of Kri allowed for just the right amount of forgiveness when the player broke cover, accidentally or otherwise. Levels were laid out that use of scouting techniques would almost always reveal a way to play to the end of a level without ever raising an enemy flag. Pulling off that feat was enormously satisfying. But if the player chose to challenge open combat, Mark of Kri‘s system for that was equally addicting, and not one I’ve specifically seen since. When in melee, you could assign an attack button to each foe. Any press of that button would have Rau lash out at that target with a flourish, chaining strikes among each member of the mob in turn as the player buffered combos.

Mark of Kri – PS2

No doubt, its use of Maori cultural markers would easily be better handled today by a Native New Zealand staff. Still, I would love this old gem — and its sequel Rise of Kasai — to be revived.

But what about you? What stealth-based game from across that huge genre is your favorite? Tell us about it in the comments or the Boss Rush Discord!

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