Boss Rush Banter: What is Your Favorite Gaming-Related Holiday Memory?

After months of battling my friends and losing because of their hours of training, a new era approached. I could almost taste it. I had dropped not-so-subtle hints to my favorite relative, Aunt V. Each year she gave the best presents and like a great detective always uncovered my most-wanted Christmas gift. I just knew that when I unwrapped that rectangular package under the tree, I would see Super Smash Bros.

Sure enough, Aunt V delivered the goods. Getting my favorite Nintendo 64 game is a memory I’ll never forget. Years later, I try to recapture that magic with my own children. Of course, gaming has become mainstream and receiving games for the holidays has lost some of the magic it once held in an era when adults could scarcely be expected to understand gaming, let alone to buy the right gift.

Still, I treasure the moments I see delight in my children’s eyes as they unwrap that final holiday gift. There’s still magic to be found.

Tell us what you think! What is your favorite gaming-related holiday memory? Share your reactions in the comments below or join the conversation on Boss Rush Discord and Facebook.

From all of us at Boss Rush Network, merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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