PODCAST: Ubisoft Plus Hits Xbox, E3 Goes Digital, and Jedi Fallen Order 2 Rumored – Arsenal X: The Xbox Podcast Episode 170

This week, Corey and Stoy are joined by LeRon and Stephanie to discuss E3 moving to a digital event, Ubisoft putting their own subscription service on Xbox One and Series X|S, a sequel to Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, and what Xbox first party franchises have the potential to tell stories as respected as PlayStation’s first party games seem to.

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Ubisoft Plus Comes to Xbox in 2022

Ubisoft Plus, the company’s own gaming subscription service, is coming to Xbox Platforms in 2022. On top of popular modern games such as Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, Assassin’s Creed, and The Division, the service also includes all add-on content and DLC packs as well as the back catalog of Ubisoft published titles, including Splinter Cell, Prince of Persia, Child of Light, Rayman, Beyond Good and Evil, and more.  

Read More: https://bossrush.net/2022/01/05/ubisoft-officially-coming-to-xbox/ 

Rainbow Six Extraction Coming to Game Pass Day One

Rainbow Six Extraction, the tactical co-op spin-off experience of Rainbow Six Siege, is making its way to Xbox Game Pass on Day One, joining games like 2021’s Outriders, Back 4 Blood, and MLB The Show as major third party games hitting the service. Rainbow Six Extraction hits Game Pass and storefronts on January 20, 2022.  

Read More: https://bossrush.net/2022/01/05/rainbow-six-extraction-coming-day-one-to-xbox-game-pass/

E3 Set to Be All Digital Event in 2022

E3 Set to be Online Only Event in 2022 after stating concerns of a rise Omicron COVID cases as the main reason, though insiders think there’s growing concern elsewhere. Industry analyst Mike Futter tweeted out that The ESA abandoned their dates at the Los Angeles convention center back in early November, before Omicron was any concern. Is there trouble brewing in the ESA?  https://bossrush.net/2022/01/06/e3-shifts-to-online-only-event-due-to-omicron-surge-concerns/ 

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order 2 is Rumored to be Revealed before E3 2022, claim multiple sources. Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order was a bonafide hit for Respawn, capturing the events between episodes III and IV seamlessly while introducing players to an exciting cast of new characters in a true 3D Metroidvania world. All signs point to a Star Wars Day reveal. A quick reminder that EA holds the Star Wars license until 2023 with this would mark only the 5th major title in 10 years.

The Wrap-Up

Nobody Saves the World is Coming to Xbox Game Pass Day One

Drinkbox Studios’ top down action RPG Nobody Saves The World is hitting Xbox Game Pass day one as a timed Xbox exclusive, marking the first time that game from the studio has not marked it’s first appearance on a PlayStation console. The game will be playable on January 18, 2022 and includes drop-in drop-out co-op if you would like to save the world with a friend. 


Kojima Productions Rumored to Be Working on Multiple Projects

Famed Developer Hideo Kojima is rumored to be working on multiple projects at Kojima Productions, including one non-gaming related one. Rumors have ranged from working on a Silent Hill game to the Blue Box Studios fiasco to even making a Microsoft exclusive and executive producing a Metal Gear Solid remake. We even know that he opened a branch in Los Angeles last year in hopes to get a foot in Hollywood, so it seems very likely that he is experimenting outside of games all together. 


Bungie is Hiring for Multiple Unannounced Projects

Bungie is hiring for an unannounced project, stealing away long time narrative designer from Guild Wars Tom Abernathy for the project’s narrative lead. Bungie aims to expand into a multiple game studio and publisher, having new IP Matter and an unannounced multiplayer-only project run alongside Destiny after it’s Light and Dark Saga conclusion as well as opening an office in Amsterdam as their publishing arm. 


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