DESTINY 2: Where is Xur? Location and Inventory for January 21 – 24, 2022

For all of you New Lights out there, Xur is the Exotic weapon and armor merchant who travels to a different location every week in Destiny 2. His inventory consists of one Exotic weapon, one Exotic armor piece for each class, an Exotic engram that will grant players a non-quest related weapon or armor piece, and an Exotic Cipher quest. Starting with Beyond Light‘s Season of the Lost, Xur has also added Legendary items to his inventory, usually weapons and armor from seasons’ past or old event sets. All items he has for sale will be listed here complete with perks, stat rolls, and any other important information needed for Guardians to make their purchasing decisions. Starting with Season of [REDACTED] in The Witch Queen, Xur will also add vaulted mission based Exotics to his pool.

Where is Xur?

This week, Xur is in the tree in Watcher’s Grave on Nessus.

Image via Bungie. Note Xur’s symbol no longer appears on the map.

Here is what Xur is Selling This Week

Telesto | Void Fusion Rifle | 29 Legendary Shards

Telesto is one of the most powerful weapons in Destiny, often shut off for breaking the game entirely. It is great for PvE content like strikes as it is great for taking out large groups of enemies. There are two perks on this weapon. First is Unplanned Reprieve which when the weapon is fired, the particles attach to the enemy and explode later, ala Halo’s Needler. Harbinger’s Pulse is another great perk that reloads kinetic and energy weapons when Guardians score a multikills. This is definitely a weapon you’ll want to add to your arsenal.

St0mp-EE5 | Hunter Boots | 23 Legendary Shards

St0mp-EE5’s are nicknamed Stompies for a reason. They are an excellent traversal Exotic boot Hunters should definitely seek out. Its Exotic perk is called Hydraulic Boosters, allowing hunters to sprint faster, jump higher, and increase their sliding distance, making them useful in both PvE and PvP content. Xur’s Stat Roll this week is 66 total.

Wormgod Caress | Titan Gloves | 23 Legendary Shards

Wormgod Caress is a fun exotic for up close and personal Titans. Its main perk is Burning Fists, which increases melee damage after melee kills for a small period of time. Its a great pairing for the shotty loving Titans in PvP, though at this point there are a few better Exotics to use now. If you played through the Warmind expansion, you more than likely already have this in your collections. Xur’s Stat Roll this week is 61 total.

Phoenix Protocol | Warlock Chest | 23 Legendary Shards

This powerful Warlock chest piece is a must have for Guardians. Its Exotic perk is called Battle Hearth, causing kills made inside a Warlock’s Well of Radiance ability to refill Super energy. This is still one of the best PvE exotics in the game, being extremely useful in Raid Boss encounters, Nightfalls, and other endgame activities. If you have yet to get this chest piece, buy it. Xur’s Stat Roll this week is 67 total.

Other Exotic Items:

One Exotic engram can be purchased for 97 Legendary Shards. A second engram can be purchased with an Exotic Cypher, in which only one can be carried at a time.

The Exotic Cypher Quest is free, but Guardians can not pick up the quest if they already have one in their inventory. Exotic Cyphers can be used to purchase one Exotic engram from Xur or be used in the kiosk with other materials to purchase Exotics from past expansions. This week’s quest is to complete 21 of the following: Strikes, win Crucible matches, or win Gambit matches. By finishing the quest, you will earn an Exotic Cipher.

Destiny 2 World Art

Xur’s Legendary Inventory

Every week, Xur also has a selection of Legendary gear. Each piece sells for 1000 Glimmer and 50 Legendary Shards. This is a pretty steep price for this gear, so only purchase something if you find a god roll or really need a boost in stats and can afford to grab something. Listed below are the perks offered on this week’s inventory and the grade given to each roll by

Xur’s Legendary Weapon Inventory:

Enigma’s Draw | Kinetic sidearm | Grade: C
– Frame: Precision
– Perk 1: Triple Tap
– Perk 2: Elemental Capacitor

Seventh Seraph SI-2 | Void sidearm | Grade: F
– Frame: Lightweight
– Perk 1: Field Prep
– Perk 2: Snapshot Sights

Night Watch | Kinetic scout rifle | Grade: C-
– Frame: Lightweight
– Perk 1: Threat Detector
– Perk 2: Explosive Payload

Wishbringer | Solar shotgun | Grade: C
– Frame: Rapid-Fire Frame
– Perk 1: Pulse Monitor
– Perk 2: Snapshot Sights

Toil and Trouble | Kinetic shotgun | Grade: D
– Frame: Aggressive
– Perk 1: Field Prep
– Perk 2: Rampage

Interference VI | Arc grenade launcher | Grade: D
– Frame: Adaptive
– Perk 1: Field Prep
– Perk 2: Threat Detector

Stars in Shadow | Solar pulse rifle | Grade: D
– Frame: High-Impact
– Perk 1: Outlaw
– Perk 2: Headseeker

Legendary Armor | 1000 Glimmer + 50 Legendary Shards

This week’s armor set for sale is the Opulent Armor Set, first seen in the Menagerie event. Here are the stats per item. Reminder that Class Items stats are always 0.

– Titan: 60
– Hunter: 57
– Warlock: 62

– Titan: 61
– Hunter: 58
– Warlock: 60

Chest Piece
– Titan: 58
– Hunter: 61
– Warlock: 62

– Titan: 62
– Hunter: 58
– Warlock: 63

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Where is Xur? is a feature we will be continuing every Friday at 7:00PM Eastern Time / 4:00PM Pacific. Destiny 2 continues to be an important part of the gaming sphere and Boss Rush Network. Our Destiny team will be continuing to work hard to bring you the information you need. See you starside, Guardians!

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