RUMOR: Certain Affinity is Working on a Monster Hunter Style Game for Xbox

Many of you may know the developer Certain Affinity even if you have never heard of them. They have been a staple in developing multiplayer maps for Halo since Halo 2, created Doom 2016‘s multiplayer modes, worked on optimizing Left 4 Dead for multiplayer, Call of Duty, and their Xbox Live Arcade title, Quest for Booty. The quality of their work goes unsaid.

Now, it seems they are taking another stab at creating their own IP with the help of Xbox Games Studios. Codenamed “Project Suerte,” Certain Affinity seems to be developing a large scale multiplayer game in the vein of Monster Hunter, as reported by Windows Central and Jeff Grubb via his Giant Bomb news show, Grubbsnax. The untitled project is said to feature “big monster battles with multiplayer” and started development in Summer 2020, looking for a 2023 reveal and releasing in 2024.

Certain Affinity is also working on a new Halo Infinite multiplayer mode more accessible to casual players and newcomers as well as being a support studio for the new Perfect Dark.

My Take

This seems like an ambitious project for Certain Affinity, but an exciting one. I know the studio has been staffing up and studio founder Max Hobberman has expressed his desire to work on bigger action games on their own. I think with the recent growth of Monster Hunter and how popular its become here in the west, it makes a lot of sense for a title like this to challenge the Japanese giant, especially on Game Pass. I am looking forward to hearing more about Project Suerte in the future.

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Source: Windows Central, Grubbsnax

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