TRAILER: Halo Infinite Hits All The Nostalgia Feels With New Live Action Trailer

343 Industries has really created something special with Halo Infinite. They’ve captured the look, the feel, and the emotion of Bungie’s original trilogy. The multiplayer, despite it’s Battle Pass progression being a mess right now, feels the way you want Halo to feel, like the natural progression of Halo 2 and 3. The campaign is shaping up to be stunning as well, adding an open world-esque element to the series for the first time.

Now, 343 Industries has hit another nostalgia win by creating a live action trailer reminiscent of those created during the original trilogy. The trailer shows heroes from across history, past, present, and future, fighting the impossible odds. It ends with a powerful image of Master Chief crossing the terrain as he fights his way through The Banished. The emotions overwhelmed me as I watched it, bringing back so many memories of the old days. If you grew up playing any of the original games, you’ll feel the nostalgia rush back in this trailer.

Watch the latest trailers for Halo Infinite here.

Halo Infinite | Forever We Fight Trailer
Halo Infinite | Carry On Trailer

Halo Infinite‘s campaign releases on December 8, 2021 and it’s multiplayer is available now in beta form. Are you enjoying Halo infinite’s multiplayer? Are you excited for the return of Master Chief in a new campaign? Let us know in our Discord or Facebook group.

Source:, Halo YouTube Channel, Halo Waypoint

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