Rockstar Confirms Next Grand Theft Auto Game is in Active Development

It’s been almost ten years since Grand Theft Auto V came out during the Xbox 360/PS3 era of gaming and completely elevated the open world genre, bringing it to dazzling new heights. In that decade, the game has been re-released on every major platform and has even branched out into the very successful Grand Theft Auto Online. Though developer Rockstar has been revamping and fine-tuning their formula over the years, fans have been clamoring for one thing: Grand Theft Auto VI, and Rockstar has been relatively silent on this issue… until today.

As you can see below, Rockstar just officially confirmed that the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto franchise is in active development. While clearly still in early stages, it is unclear if this will be a true Grand Theft Auto VI, or if they are looking to shake up the formula and try something different. Either way, the genre, industry, and fans are ready for this next entry.

Source: Rockstar Twitter

Image Source: 1000 Marcas

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