Sega Speeds into The New Year with Project Sonic 22

The original Sonic The Hedgehog game released in North America during the summer of 1991. That means the Blue Blur has entered his forth decade! And though the series has passed its more auspicious and specific 30th anniversary, Sega has set its sights on making this year a big one as well. Enter: Project Sonic 22!

Though the American site still has prominent features and links for Sonic’s 30th, a new Japanese site has launched to hype 2022. The raisons d’etre for this push? Why, the sequel to the 2022 movie and the upcoming Sonic Frontiers, of course. While the Japanese site is new, the events that pad out Project Sonic 22 are largely still tied to the 30th anniversary and recently released or previously announced titles. Sega is promising a new compilation game called Sonic Origins, which lends the site and key art its hefty dose of nostalgia. The forthcoming Netflix series Sonic Prime is given a shout out as well.

Beyond turning the volume up on Sonic hype, Sega doesn’t seem to be doing much beyond continuing to market established products with Sonic Project 22. However, it does seem to promise a continued commitment to improving the consistency of Sonic titles, which have historically been scattershot in quality.

How do you feel about the state of the Sonic The Hedgehog series? Are you hyped for any of its promised future releases? Let us know in the comments, or bring your take over to the Boss Rush Discord!

Source: Sega Japan (via Destructoid)

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