Hacker Uncovers Hidden “Modern Day” Room in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Game researcher and hacker @DeepGameRes has discovered a secret room with modern-day amenities within the newly released Switch game Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

You can see footage of the discovery in a video below by YouTuber BLAINES.

The hidden room appears reminiscent of the protagonists’ rooms in previous Pokémon games, complete with a beanbag chair, an HD TV, a laptop, and a special Pikachu edition Nintendo Switch; most all entries in the franchise have a room in which you begin in that has a copy of the latest Nintendo console.

None of these items are featured elsewhere in the game, which is no surprise as the game actually takes place during the past in the ancient region of Hisui.

It is unknown currently why this room exists, but it’s speculated that it could have served as a cut opening scene in which the player character, who is from the presumed present, is transported to a land in the past, where much less is known about the mystical Pokémon creatures.

If you’re wanting to find the room on your own, you may be out of luck: the discovery was made using emulation software on a PC to clip through the environment.

What do you think about this secret room? Do you think it will be used for a future DLC? If you haven’t played the game yet, please check out our first impressions and see the latest Pokemon adventure is right for you!

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Source: DeepGameResearch, Faz Faz

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