Netflix Partners with Take-Two Interactive and 2K for a Bioshock Film Project

On Tuesday, Take-Two Interactive, 2K, and Netflix announced that a live-action film adaptation of the video game series Bioshock will eventually be coming to the streaming service. Other than its acknowledgement, not much detail has been given.

Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick released a statement on the new deal:

“Netflix is among the best and most forward-thinking storytellers in all of entertainment today. We are thrilled that they share our vision and commitment to the BioShock franchise, which is beloved by millions of fans around the world. 2K’s Cloud Chamber studio is deep in active development on the next iteration of the series, and coupled with our partnership with Netflix, we remain highly confident that BioShock will continue to captivate and engage audiences like never before.” – CEO Strauss Zelnick

The Verge

@NetflixGeeked shared a post on Twitter showing the traditional Big Daddy and Little Sister under the iconic franchise title. From this picture we can speculate that we will be heading under the waves to its roots, but until more details are given, speculation is all we have at this point.

Also of interest is that fourth game in the series, that was announced back in 2019, has yet to be shown. Could this mean the film and game could coincide in the same release window? Time will tell what will become of this announcement.

What are your thoughts about a film adaptation of Bioshock? Is Netflix the right choice? Are you looking forward to the game? Let us know your thoughts on this news.

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