Kombinera is a New Original Game from Atari and Graphite Lab

This week, legendary video game publisher and retro brand Atari announced that they are publishing their first original game in almost a decade. The Graphite Lab developed game is called Kombinera, where players control different colored balls, each with a unique ability, to solve over 300 puzzles and pass through unique environments. The catch is that the balls move the same direction, making every decision in problem solving that much more difficult.

This game is said to be the start of Atari’s recommitment to publish more games to regain their place in the gaming industry. CEO Wade Rosen as stated to IGN that Kombinera is the first of 13 games the company is publishing in as many months, hoping that it leads to “see Atari collaborate with a variety of studios, from small independents to larger studios with well-established reputations.”

“Kombinera is a puzzle-platformer that has some of the personality traits of an Atari arcade game,” Rosen says. “What made those arcade experiences memorable, and something you wanted to return to, was that they were immediately accessible and yet layered with depth and surprises that you discovered as you mastered the game.”

Atari CEO Wade Rosen via IGN

Kombinera is coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile. Rosen stated he wants Atari to reach as many people as possible through as many devices as possible with their partners, so we’ll see if they can come back in a big way. Atari is such a storied and iconic company. Having them back in the fold of publishers in a meaningful way would be a welcome addition to the playing field.

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Source: IGN

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