After Dark Review: Open to It, Episode One

Author’s Note: After Dark is the alternative podcast targeted to our adult audiences.

Open to It made its debut at Wicked Queer, Boston’s LGBTQ+ Festival Comedy Shorts on April 9th in the city; however, viewers are able to watch the episode digitally for the month of April.

Open to It is a queer comedy series about a loving gay couple, who experiments with becoming a hot gay throuple. But threesome sex and open relationships come with more complications than limbs.

Open to It Series

This lovely first episode is shy of eleven minutes, featuring Frank Smith as the lovable and slightly neurotic Greg and Tim Wardell as his doting partner, Cam. It opens with some catchy jazz music while Greg and Cam are getting ready for what seems to be a nice evening in. We soon find out though that the couple is welcome a third to spice up their sex life, and along with excitement comes a lot of nerves. After a brief visit by friends who wanted them to taste-test their ceviche, Greg and Cam welcome the stud Princeton–with intentional hair-whipping glamor shots. When things get steamy, one of the three starts feeling unwell, and a mixture of pleasure, laughter, and chaos ensues.

Open to It is a fantastic first episode to what I see as a successful series. It is shot well, from the title reveal to tasteful sex scenes. What impressed me the most was the writing and humor–it was not cringey, and I laughed out loud several times. In those brief ten minutes, I was given a snapshot of Greg and Cam’s relationship, and I was rooting for them in the closing scene. It was not raunchy or explicit for shock value; rather the ending was incredibly touching, and reminds us all of the value a true partnership feels like. This show has immense potential with its acting quality and witty banter.

I highly recommend supporting indie content creators of all kinds–and Open to It‘s first episode was a home run. Please check their website out for updates on future episodes as they are shooting throughout the month of May 2022.

Final Score:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Stephanie, LeRon, and Corey discuss Open to It and the topics it addresses on an episode of After Dark. Check out the clip below:

Image Sources: Open to It, Wicked Queer Film Festival

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