Boss Rush Banter: Has There Been a Better Time to Be a Fan of the Aliens Franchise?

With the announcement of Aliens: Dark Descent at Thursday’s Summer Games Fest and the new content revealed for Aliens: Fireteam Elite, gamers and long-time fans of the franchise have much to feel excited about. With the recent content explosion for the Alien(s) franchise, it’s worth considering, Has there ever been a better time to be a fan?

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As many know, it’s not just video games being released for the franchise. This past year has seen the release of three new Aliens novels, one of which was a prequel story for Aliens: Fireteam Elite. Two additional novels are underway, including a new storyline involving fan favorite Vasquez.

Since acquiring the rights to the franchise, Disney’s Marvel has also launched multiple comic runs and even published several omnibus collections from the Dark Horse era. The care and attention to detail from Marvel has been encouraging.

A colonial marine sits at a table with two dead bodies in chairs and Xenomorphs approaching.
Aliens: Dark Descent. Image courtesy of Focus Entertainment.

Perhaps the best barometer for the health of the franchise is the news of a new Alien film coming to Hulu and Disney+ in 2023, which will be directed by celebrated horror filmmaker Fede Álvarez. There is also a television series currently in production for FX, directed by Noah Hawley.

So with all the news surrounding the Alien(s) franchise, has there been a better time to be a fan? Share your reaction in the comments below or join the conversation on Boss Rush Network’s Discord and Facebook.

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