Boss Rush Banter: What is Your Go-To Video Game Snack?

Eighty-five years ago today, Spam was first introduced to the market. You know – the canned cook pork that rose in popularity during World War II. Say what you will about Spam, it has been around for almost a century and will probably outlive us all. You might be wondering what Spam has to do with a video game and entertainment website, but if there is one thing that goes well with marathon video game sessions or watching your favorite movie or TV show, it is eating a delicious snack. Which begs the question – what is your go-to video game snack?

I’m a bit of a neat freak, so if I am going to sit down for a couple of hours and play video games, my snack of choice has to be something that won’t get my controller dirty. Growing up, I would go to Blockbuster or Hollywood Video every Friday night, rent a new game, and get a pack of Twizzlers to fuel my gaming session. Though I haven’t had Twizzlers in almost twenty years, I still have a craving for their waxy goodness on a few summer Friday nights.

These days, I’ll pour myself a rum and coke and maybe some chips, but I’ll always save the chips for a cut scene and wipe my hands thoroughly before playing some more. Don’t I sound like a delight?

What about you? What is your snack of choice when you sit down to play your favorite video game? Let us know in comments, write to us in our Facebook Group, or join the conversation on our Discord by scanning the QR code below!

Featured Image Source: Today

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