Boss Rush Banter: Can PAX’s ReedPop Revive E3 2023?

E3 recently tweeted that they have partnered with ReedPop in their return to Los Angeles in June 2023. Next year’s E3 convention has been confirmed to include both in-person and digital showcases, and it will continue to be open to consumers. However, many in the gaming industry have long commented that E3 has become obsolete when publishers began presenting their own showcases and figured the COVID-19 pandemic was the last nail in the coffin. While many continued to believe E3’s return in 2023 will be a “failure to launch” situation, does their partnership with ReedPop breathe new hope and life into the convention?

ReedPop is famously known for running several large name events including New York’s Comic Con, Star Wars Celebration, EGX, and PAX. Many of these events focuses on celebrating content creation. For example, PAX East has a beefy exhibit hall where gamers can test out games in development and purchase lots of SWAG. Perhaps ReedPop’s experience in other large events could influence E3 in the right direction and keep them relevant for years to come.

Sadly, the Entertainment Software Association have a large mountain to climb, and they cannot rely on video game announcements alone. In a digital age that has become even more digital since the pandemic started, the ESA needs a partner like ReedPop to innovate and provide a reason for fans to rush through their doors once more.

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