Boss Rush Banter: What Games That You’re Unable to Play Do You Miss?

We certainly live in a time of convenience when it comes to video games. We can find a game we want on our phones, download them immediately to our consoles, and by the time we get home from work, we’re ready to go. But as easy as it is to start games with the magic of the internet, game companies can shut them down just as fast with a snap of their fingers. Granted, I’m not sure if servers react to fingersnaps, but we’ll run with it for now. I’ve come to call these situations “Dead” games. For today’s question, what are some games that you can’t play do you miss the most? 

For me, the definition of a “Dead” game has a few parts to it. To start with the easiest rule, it’s not available on any online store. Much like a dead parrot, this game is no more. It has ceased to be. Then, you must have attempts at other types of merchandising, such as Pop figures or phone games that aren’t quite the full experience. That way, you have to explain what this franchise was, without being able to actually show it. 

Finally, the game must be dubbed a failure by their publisher by whatever parameters they deem important, taking any potential and throwing it right out the window. However, this has the issue of moving goalposts. Sure, low sales is a good baseline, but judging it on things like player base size or concurrent players always feel like an extra hurdle to the marathon. 

For me, the best example I have was the game Evolve by Turtle Rock Studios. This was a 4 vs 1 multiplayer game where 4 hunters, each with different roles and abilities, team up against a single, usually overpowered Monster on a strange new planet. This had the usual trademarks of an online experience, with all the characters leveling up, earning new powers, and possibly some cosmetics. While this was possible to play single player, the AI difficulty jumped immeasurably as compared to a human player, which hampered the experience fairly easily. I did like the concept, but the heavy focus on the online element led it to its downfall. (Side note: In a strange tale of serendipity and/or I take too long to post anything, Evolve seemingly has returned as Evolve Stage 2, a free-to-play version that seems to be a lot better.) 

The other notable example was Battleborn by Gearbox Software. This one was a tad bit messier, as it was a hybrid MOBA with single player elements, but certainly pushed big multiplayer groups with it. With a huge cast of characters, plenty of play modes, and just being really funny, this was actually fun to go through the small handful of story levels with each character to see what everyone would say. Unfortunately, the ad campaign failed to mention what the game actually was, so it never really stood a chance on the gaming scene of the time.

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