Boss Rush Banter: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Most Pretentious Gamer of Them All?

Whether we care to admit it or not, but tribalism exists in various ways in our society–and it’s most obvious in sports. How many times have we seen drunken mobs turn over cars because their team lost? …or won? Second to sports, tribalism is strong in the gaming community.

While I personally do not believe we live in a console-war era now that most titles are releasing cross-platform, if not on day one, but over time, it does not stop gamers from leaping onto their soapbox (or social media page), beat their chests, and shout their “die on their hill” believes at the top of their lungs about their favorite publisher or method of playing.

We have Nintendo apologists, PlayStation fanboy/girls, Xbox diehards, and the holier-than-thou PC gamer. I’ve seen enough comments on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to know we are all guilty of favoritism at times; however, who tends to be the worst offender?

From personal experience, I’ve had PC gamers flex their “Master Race” muscles in my face more than I care for. PC gamers love to talk about how strong their processing power is, and the graphics card that makes their experience superior. They prattle on about frames per second, HD, 4K, etc–it almost feels like they need to remind me how much better the PC experience is every time I tell them I have a Nintendo or PlayStation. Of course, I answer partially in jest as some of my closest friends and loved ones are PC gamers!

I’ve seen just as much pretentious attitudes coming from PlayStation fans who complain when a Sony exclusive drops to PC or Nintendo fans sing praises to the company, even if the publisher puts in minimal efforts into a port while charging a high sticker price.

Which sector of the gaming community reeks of snobbery to you? Please share your thoughts with us on our Boss Rush Facebook Group or our Boss Rush Discord

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