Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Brings Classic Back to Life

A beloved classic returns with Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. From Marvelous (XSEED), this remake will include new quests, new crops, and new features, but the same classic story.

Video Source: Nintendo

Nintendo announced this in their Direct on September 13.

“This remake of a beloved classic features plenty of new events, enhanced festivals, more recipes to cook, and a cornucopia of never-before-seen crops. Looking for more to do around the farm? Take pictures of your family with the new camera feature, dress up in your favorite outfits, or help your fellow residents with their requests.”

Another notable feature mentioned on the Nintendo Switch store is the fact that unlike the original, your child may not necessarily follow in your footsteps, a change from the original game.

Set to release Summer 2023, you can already Wishlist the game in the My Nintendo store.

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Nintendo Switch Store

Nintendo Direct 9/13

Featured Image: Marvelous Games

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