Horror Game Scorn to Release a Week Sooner

With spooky season in full swing, Kepler Interactive and Ebb Software’s Scorn is arriving on PC and X-Box, one week earlier on October 14.

The original release date was announced last December. But today, Kepler Interactive announced in a press release that fans have “waited long enough.”

What is Scorn?

Scorn takes players into an isolated, strange, dream-like world. Left unguided to fend for themselves, players must explore Scorn’s interconnected bio-labyrinth, learning its rules and mastering grotesque puzzles along the way as they come to understand their own predicament.

Kepler Interative

The game will be available on Steam, EPIC games, GOG, and Xbox on October 14. You can pre-order on their website.

Source: Kepler Interactive

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