Why We Don’t Finish Games? — The Cross Roads Game Podcast EPISODE 95

LeRon, Stoy, and Andre are back this week with their reactions to the new trailer for HBO’s The Last of Us, discuss the news of Disney’s plans for Star Wars, and have a frank discussion about why gamers are not finishing their video games, plus more news, rumors, and announcements in the world of PlayStation, PC, and Xbox gaming!

Cross Roads Video Game Podcast | Episode 95

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00:00 – Opening and Housekeeping
09:53 – What Are We Playing?

Notable Games Coming to PlayStation This Week

We’re looking at another loaded week of quality gaming releases as FIFA 23 headlines the week and PlayStation gamers finally get their shot at a fan-favorite game and Square Enix continues their amazing run of 2022 RPG releases. Happy gaming!

35:47 – Notable Games Releasing This Week


The Last of Us TV Series Out Next Year!

The first full trailer for HBO’s TV adaptation of The Last of Us has dropped, and it featured many familiar scenes and clips from the game.

46:06 – The Last of Us HBO Trailer

The First Spider-Man: Miles Morales PC Trailer Has Been Released

Sony has released the first trailer for the PC version of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales which is planned for release later this fall.

57:18 – Spider-Man Miles Morales PC News

Disney Wants A New ‘Star Wars’ Game Every 6 Months

Reporting suggests that Disney’s plan for the Star Wars games release schedule is to aim for new games every six months or so, including “one major AAA title and one smaller game” per year.

1:01:47 – Disney’s Gaming Plan for Star Wars

RUMOR CONTROL: What’s Going On With Silent Hill??

Here we go again… A new Silent Hill game appears to have been rated for the Korean region following multiple rumors of a series revival going around throughout the year.

1:19:38 – RUMOR CONTROL: Silent Hill

Big Topic: The Euphoria We Get from Gaming

Video games are a fun, fulfilling, and sometimes (thanks to streaming and content creation), a new career option. It doesn’t really matter if you’ve been a lifelong gamer having played games for a few decades or if you just casually turn on a set-top box or a mobile app to pass the time, video games can be a tremendous outlet for fun and entertainment.

Big Topic: Why Don’t We Finish Our Games?

As gamers, we all have a point of pride when we roll the final credits on a game and finish it. Some of us play games for entertainment, while others play just to pass the time. Gamers enjoy the hobby of playing video games in many different ways but there’s one thing practically every gamer has in common with one another — we all have games that we have not finished.

1:27:30 – Euphoric Gaming Achievements
1:46:57 – Why Don’t We Finish Games?

The Wrap-Up

2:17:31 – The Wrap-up and Plugs
2:19:17 – Featured Articles on Boss Rush:

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2:20:39 – Outro

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