Boss Rush Banter: Will The Super Mario Bros. Movie Have a Post-Credit Scene?

With the newly revealed trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie, fans are gearing up for the upcoming film featuring the Italian plumber. With a wide cast of characters like Luigi, Bowser, Toad, and even Kamek, it seems that this movie might be setting itself up to be more than just a simple kids movie. Like so many movies released today, could The Super Mario Bros. Movie include a post-credit scene?

Post-credit scenes began as little easter eggs, short scenes to make the audience laugh or say, “Wow! That was neat!” While many post-credit scenes are still meant to provide those little tidbits, many movies have begun using post-credit scenes almost as a glimpse of what is to come for that particular franchise. Examples of this include when Nick Fury appears at the end of Iron Man to talk about “The Avengers Initiative,” or when it was revealed that Jason Statham was joining the Fast and Furious movies after Fast and Furious 6.

It seems very possible that a movie starring Chris Pratt, Jack Black, and Charlie Day will just feature some sort of comedic post-credit scene. This could easily be a callback to a previous joke from the film or a fun reference to the video games that was left out of the movie. With Illumination producing the movie, the studio behind Despicable Me, it could very well be that we see the credits end with Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong making a fart joke, or maybe we’ll hear Mario and Luigi talk about how they’d love to go go-karting sometime, as a reference to Mario Kart.

On the other hand, Nintendo recently announced Nintendo Pictures, an animation studio, leading many to think that there may be more Nintendo movies coming. As of now, only The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been announced, so there aren’t any upcoming movies to allude to like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has, but there’s still a chance we get a reference to something yet to come. Maybe we’ll see Wario or Yoshi show up, or even a reference to another Nintendo franchise all together like Zelda or Metroid. Maybe even a tease at Master Hand from Super Smash Bros.!

We don’t know whether or not The Super Mario Bros. Movie will have a post-credit scene yet, but fans will no doubt continue to speculate leading up to the movie’s release next year. Do you think we’ll see a post-credit scene? What kind of scene would you want to see? Let us know in the comments, or join us on the Boss Rush Discord.

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