Boss Rush Banter: What are Five Last-Minute Video Game-Based Costumes for Halloween?

Halloween is coming up fast as the end of October nears, and there are bound to be people who have procrastinated on figuring out their costumes this year. No worries! There are some pretty simple costumes from video games you can make that would have you dressed up for Halloween. 

  1. Sims Character (The Sims)

Be your own Sim! Have some fun with it, dressing as strangely or as normally as you would design your Sims character. Go around talking in Simlish to really sell the costume if you want. 

Just don’t forget to have your trusty diamond on top! You’ll need some paper-folding skills for this; Lorraine Stanick’s made an amazing guide on how to make your own Sims diamond. 

  1. Pac-Man Ghosts (Pac-Man)

Be one of the colorful ghosts chasing around Pac-Man! You really just need a good ol’ bed sheet in the color of the ghost you want and some cut-out holes for the eyes! The hardest part of this costume is finding a place that sells bed sheets or even a thin blanket in the color you want. 

  1. Solid Snake in Disguise (Metal Gear)

Be Solid Snake, just never come out from disguise! Bring around a trusty cardboard box to hide in. Wear some nice cargo pants or even dark-colored pants with boots, and you’ll be good to go. No one will ever find you! 

  1. Pokémon Trainer (Pokemon)

Be a Pokémon trainer! A lot of people who grew up with the franchise dreamed of being able to have a Pokémon team of their own, and now you can dress like one! Trainers are so vastly different in their styles and colors that you’re free to dress however you want. 

Bring along your own Pokéball as well! AmazingStuff shows off a simple way to make your own Pokéball. 

  1. Ness (Earthbound)

Be Ness! Ness has a nice, simple design that makes it easy to coordinate a costume! All you need is a striped shirt, a baseball cap, a backpack, a baseball bat, and some sneakers. 

The colors can be tricky to shop for, so maybe consider going for the different Super Smash Bros color variations of Ness to make things easier for you! Another idea that comes to mind for the striped shirt is to buy a single-colored shirt and make the stripes yourself with colored tape! 

Tell us what you think! What kind of costumes are you wearing for Halloween? Tell us all about it on our Boss Rush Discord and join the conversation! 

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