Boss Rush Banter: What Power Will the Next Life is Strange Game Utilize?

I love when games use supernatural, superhuman, or non-conventional mechanics in games that can manipulate the story and/or gameplay and make the journey more exciting and fun. I get all these types of experiences when I play Life is Strange games and it makes me excited for what could be next. How could they incorporate new powers and for what reason? Let’s look at what is currently in the series and what may yet come.

So currently these are all the games in the series, and these are the powers of the characters:

Life is Strange – Max Caulfield – Time manipulation

Life is Strange: Before the Storm – Chloe Price – Back talk

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – Chris Eriksen – Extreme Imagination

Life is Strange 2 – Daniel Diaz – Object Manipulation

Life is Strange: True Colors – Alex Chen – Empath Auras

Here are some powers that I think would provide for some interesting story and gameplay that really could have potential.

Invisibility: I always though invisibility would be an awesome power so long as it wasn’t permanent. If it was, I’m sure it would be lonely, so this could potentially be a story element where the character can become invisible, but the more he/she uses it the more something in their lives seem to fade away. Whether this is memories, the ability to stay visible, or something more cursed would be crucial to the plot. Will you get noticed or become invisible to the world?  

Sonic hearing: Anyone ever buy those sonic ear devices as a kid so you can spy on your siblings and try to hear the conversation or listen to your parents and try to hear what presents you may get? Yeah, I never was that lucky getting the gossip, but if a main character could overhear conversations to help others, what could be the downfall? Maybe you couldn’t tune it out and as a result wouldn’t get much sleep because you would hear all sorts of sounds. Are you willing to save others by the secrets you hear but sacrifice your own sanity?

Mind reading: Along the same lines of sonic hearing is the even more elusive and intrusive ability to hear things that are not spoken. This ability would be most likely a blessing and a curse as is most powers seem to be packaged with. The player could help a lot of people, but at the same time most likely would go insane if you could not control the on/off switch. I’m sure you would not want to hear many of the thoughts people are thinking, especially when it comes to you. Again, this would make a great story and gameplay mechanic.  

Have you played any of the Life is Strange games? What is your favorite ability that a character has used or manifested? What is your favorite power I listed and what power or powers would you like to see in a future game in this series? Please let us know thoughts on this subject.

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