New Company Nintendo Systems is Formed from Nintendo and DeNA  

Nintendo and the mobile company DeNA, who brought us games such as Mario Run, Miitomo, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Fire Emblem Heroes, and most recently Mario Kart Tour, have established a new joint company called Nintendo Systems.  

This was finalized and announced as part of an earnings release and has stated this venture was established for business and research purposes with the intent to strengthen the digitalization of Nintendo’s business and additionally create value-added services. Using the integrated hardware-software model Nintendo plans to strive for enhanced experiences and services outside of its dedicated gaming system. Nintendo also pointed out that they entrust DeNA with the joint development and operation of membership services for various devices.

The venture is planned to take place in March in its next fiscal year. We shall see how this partnership grows and what experiences Nintendo and DeNA plan on rolling out to its customers.

What do you think about this partnership between Nintendo and DeNA? What games have you enjoyed from these companies in the past? What kind of new ideas do you think will formulate from this venture?

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