Mario Kart Races to the Top of the Most Stressful Games List Conducted in Recent Study

A recent study from BonusFinder has revealed a small sample size of some of the most stressful games a person can play. BonusFinder commissioned a study to find and survey people playing various games by measuring their stress levels through BPM. As they played, they measured the heart rate of the player pregame and during the playing session and compared that to the average of how much each participants beats per minute increased across the board.

Mario Kart increased nearly a third of the baseline it established in its participants, which seems to be a fair assessment. Avoiding the blue shells can be quite stressful when you are in the lead. A close second was FIFA Football, with Call of Duty, Dark Souls, and Fortnite filling the top 5 spots.

Other games used for the study included:

  • Doom
  • Fall Guys
  • Battlefield V
  • Street Fighter
  • Among Us
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • UNO
  • The Sims
  • Animal Crossing
  • Minecraft
  • Skyrim

I would be curious from a data standpoint how these games were measured across the board. As someone who collects and looks at data as part of my day job, I like to see the rundown.

For Example: Mario Kart has a lot of factors that can influence this measurement, here is a diagram of just the ones I thought of in game and I didn’t include any external factors like location, time of day, or even food the participant ate. All could be various data points when conducting clean tests.

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Lastly, I would like to see more games tested in the same way to see how various games and genres on multiple systems could cause stress within someone. What do you think of these measurements and tests conducted on stress levels? Do you think they are accurate, or do you want a better controlled format? Let us know your thoughts or concerns below.

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